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  • Abdul Khadja Alaoudine

Hyper-V - Create a new Virtual Machine (VM)

In this blog I will be creating a new Hyper-V Virtual Machine (VM) in Windows 10 Pro. The steps would be more or less similar on a Hyper-V server.

  1. Open Hyper-V Manager

  2. Right Click on the Host

  3. Click New ---> Virtual Machine...

4. Click Next in Before You Begin window

5. Give it a name and Click Next

6. Choose a Generation and Click Next. In this case I am choosing Generation 2 because the OS I am going to install is 64-bit and I could make good use of Generation 2 features. For more information Click here

7. Configure memory capacity, and Tick the box next to Use Dynamic Memory for this virtual machine. In this case I have configured 2GB memory. If you are interested to learn about Dynamic Memory in Hyper-V, Click here to read the detailed blog by Eric Siron.

8. Choose the Virtual Switch (vSwitch) from the list and Click Next

9. Choose an existing virtual hard disk or create a new one and Click Next

10. Choose the ISO file for the Operating System (OS) installation and Click Next. I have chosen Server 2019 Insider Preview ISO.

11. Review the settings and Click Finish. If you need to change any settings Click Previous and change as necessary.

12. Right Click on the new VM in Hyper-V Manager and Click Connect...

13. Click Start, wait for the VM to start the OS installation.

In the next blog let's look at the steps to install Windows Server 2019 Insider Preview.

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