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Exchange DAG - Updating from Local Copy

Let's assume that there are two Datacenters - Production and DR. There are two Exchange servers in Production and one in DR Datacenter - they all are in the same Database Availability Group (DAG). I have newly installed DR-EX02 in the DR Datacenter and wanted to update / seed the Databases (DB) from the local copy in the same site (DR-EX01) to make it quicker and in some cases to save the cost.

I have listed the Datacenters and servers below.

Production Datacenter

  1. DC1 - Domain Controller

  2. EX01 - Exchange Server

  3. EX02 - Exchange Server

DR Datacenter

  1. DR-DC1 - Domain Controller

  2. DR-EX01 - Exchange Server

  3. DR-EX02 - Exchange Server

Exchange Databases

The following are the Databases (DB) in a single DAG that's spanned across to DR Datacenter.

  1. DB01 - Active on EX01

  2. DB02 - Active on EX01

I have shown them all in below diagram.

Follow the below steps to update / seed from local copy (DR-EX01). You must use Exchange Management Shell. Unfortunately, Exchange Admin Center (EAC) doesn't give you an option to choose the source server for seeding - it always seeds from the active copy, in this case EX01 in Production Datacenter.

  1. Add DR-EX02 to the same DAG as other servers

  2. Open Exchange Management Shell

  3. Run the below cmdlet to add a copy of DB01 database on DR-EX02. It just adds a copy and does not copy / update the DB.

  • Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity DB01 -MailboxServer DR-EX02 -ActivationPreference 4 -SeedingPostponed

  1. Wait for few minutes for the DB to be in Suspended status, then run below cmdlet

  • Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy DB01\DR-EX02 -SourceServer DR-EX01 -DeleteExistingFiles -Confirm:$false

  1. Please note that above cmdlet will Delete existing files for the DB on DR-EX02. If you do not want them to be deleted, do not use -DeleteExistingFiles

  2. Depending on the size of the DB it could take few minutes or hours to complete the seeding.

I hope you found this useful.

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