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Windows Server 2019 Core - Post Installation Tasks

In my previous blog I have installed Windows Server 2019 Core in a Virtual Machine (VM). I am going to perform post installation tasks on it. They are:

  1. Rename the server

  2. Configure static IP address, Default Gateway and DNS Servers

  3. Set Date and Time

  4. Configure Windows Update

Rename the server

  1. Run sconfig from the cmd prompt. You will be presented with the Server Configuration, as shown in below screenshot

  2. Type 2 to rename the server. Then name the server. I am going to name it as DC01

  3. Click Yes to restart the server

Configure static IP address, Default Gateway and DNS Servers

Back in sconfig, choose option 8 and configure static IP address, Default Gateway and preferred DNS servers.

To configure static IP address, choose option 1 and type S (for Static) and configure an IP address - I have set it as

To configure DNS servers, choose option 2 and set the DNS server address. Then Click OK as shown below.

To set Date & Time and Windows Update settings use option 9 and 5 respectively.

These are the basic post installation tasks. In the next blog I will be installing Active Directory (AD) Domain Service role and promoting the server as a Domain Controller (DC).

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